Episode 90: White Russian

Heading off to Moscow in a bit, but wanted to touch base with you all before I get on the plane 🙂 The Twitter Bootstrap project looks pretty cool, HP’s Touchpad died an untimely death, and I need a bit of help with some charting. Thanks to ComponentOne for being an indieconf sponsor! 🙂

  • Twitter Bootstrap :: Bootstrap CSS/layout from twitter
  • ComponentOne :: Indieconf sponsor and maker of Visual Studio plugins and tools
  • Indieconf :: Conference for independent web professionals

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Episode 89: MVC directory madness, day camp for developers

Slight rant on what’s been bothering me with MVC directory structures, and a plug for Cal Evans’ Day Camp For Developers in October. indieconf discounts for listeners, and I’ll be in Moscow in September – let me know if you’d like to meet up.

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Episode 88 – mid summer catch up – avoid fixed bid projects

Quick advice – avoid fixed bid projects. Some day I’ll learn my lesson! 🙂 A couple of neat javascript projects have crossed my desk recently, and I’d invite you to vote in our indieconf presentation selection process. NOTE – bit.ly link in podcast is wrong – see show notes on webdevradio.com instead.

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Episode 86: Catch up, estimating and Azure

Just a quick update on what’s been going on with me, some thoughts on estimating, and a new game system for getting started with Azure.

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Episode 82: Various security topics

Some musings on recent security exploits with ASP.NET, Twitter, Diaspora and more.

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