Episode 103: pgmodeler, doppio and some Windows 8 thoughts

doppio is a JVM written in CoffeeScript. Yes, really. There’s a new PostgreSQL data modeler tool out that looks pretty cool, and I recently attended a developer-focused Windows 8 app writing bootcamp, and have some thoughts on that to share with you. Don’t forget – indieconf is coming up in November – register today!

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Episode 101 – rambling lessons learned

I had a couple epiphanies recently that I share in this episode, and found a couple new/cool webdev things in the past few weeks.

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Episode 100 – 7 years and counting!

Happy birthday to wdr! 100 episodes in only 7 years! 🙂

Topics include – plivo, a new VOIP/SMS SaaS; some ramblings on PHP framework support for legacy PHP versions, sparked by a recent CakePHP posting; some cool tools/sites I’ve stumbled on recently, and a call for papers for the upcoming indieconf conference for web freelancers.

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Episode 99 – codestock, mojolive, catchup, ndas and more

A couple of catchup notes on my development life, a recent run-in with someone requesting an NDA, and a new mailing group for webdevradio listeners, an exclusive invite code for mojolive.com and more 🙂

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Episode 98: Dino and Richard – tech bigotry

Discussion with Richard Campbell from DotNetRocks and Dino Gambone about technical bigotry. Initially kicked off with comment from Dino about lack of respect for dot net developers, but it touched on the wider topic of tribalism, bigotry and condescension between developer camps. Hopefully you’ll find the discussion as interesting as I did.

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Episode 97: Mass assignment, vulnerabilities and fun fun fun

Lots of small bits in this one – a lot of vulnerabilities on my mind this month – links in the show notes. Some are platform specific, some are just general "good practices", but all are still problems in 2012. Jetbrains has products on sale for 30% off until April 16 – PHPStorm, Intellij, RedMine, and more. Yahoo open sources Mojito, and the Beach Boys are back together! Name the song at the end of the podcast and win a JSMag PDF of your choice! Email your guess to michael@jsmag.com

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Episode 96: Group announcements and a bit more

Couple of group announcements. If you’re a freelancer looking to join a web freelancer support group, visit http://webdevradio.com/freelance. PHP 5.4 was released with some cool new features. I’m travelling some more, but will be back sooner than last time! 🙂

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Episode 94: Keith Casey Interview from Zendcon 2011

I got a chance to sit down with (the legend) Keith Casey. Keith’s well known in the PHP community with his web2project project (among other things) and is now poised to be a greater force in the worlds of Twilio and the Austin tech scene. Volume is a little quiet here, so turn it up to hear Keith’s words of wisdom 🙂

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