Episode 113 – PHP.net compromised, Flexbox in your future?

The PHP.net website was compromised, but we don’t yet know what the exploit was.  No actual code or binaries were affected; the site was just serving up javascript malware.

Healtcare.gov is still a mess, but are there lessons we can learn about project management from it?  Will clients have any new regard for their own project failures in light of the healthcare.gov debacle?

Drawingboard.js will let you easily add a canvas-based drawing element to your sites (can you find the easter egg?)

Is flexbox CSS in your future?  Are you already using it?  Checkout some examples of flexbox in action designed to make your front-end life considerably easier.


Episode 112 – Facebook CSRF, KnockoutJS 3

I think I’m missing something about apigility.org – help me figure it out.  Facebook’s team fixes CSRF exploit in 2 hours.  Is Rails’ CookieStore broken by default, or working just fine?  KnockoutJS 3 was released – upgrade/change notes are here for your reading pleasure.


Episode 111 – 8 years and counting

So… this is the 8 year anniversary of webdevradio – what’s changed in the last 8 years?  Lots!  What’s the same?  Lots!  I go in to a bit more detail than that… 🙂

Some recent news as well…

Rails 4 released

PHP 5.5 released

Modern.IE – downloadable IE VMs from MS

Tech Interview Is Dead

Beta access to appliedto.com


Episode 109: Typescript and a bit more…

Heading off to Russia for a bit – if there’s anything you think I should see when I’m there, let me know 🙂

Saw a good presentation on TypeScript recently, which has piqued my interest – hopefully it piques yours as well.   This blog post from techempower shows the results on testing more than two dozen web framework/configurations – where’s your favorite?  Finally, intro.js gives you a quick way to add guided tours to your websites – clean and simple.

Also, Jetbrains has an ‘earth day’ sale this week – get up to 50% off an editor of your choice.  And Zend Studio 10 was recently released and is also 50% off its normal price.


Episode 108: New Ruby, Regex and my Framework Security Rant(tm)

Ruby 2 was just released, and the new ‘refinements’ feature presents some interesting challenges for JRuby and just about anyone wanting to read Ruby code.  Brief chat about the regex security affecting Rails back in January, but more broadly speaking, what does this say about regex in general?  Should we embrace it, or find better alternatives?  Finally, I’ve got a new blog post up about web framework security – why do (almost) no web frameworks ship with security baked-in?



Ruby stuff:



Malloc stuff:




Episode 106: Freelancing interview with Matchist.com founders

I got a chance to speak with Stella Feyman and Tim Jahn about their new service Matchist, which serves as a matchmaking service focused on the needs of freelancers. Forgive the slight hiss on my audio – I could not determine the source.

File Download (47:47 min / 33 MB)


Episode 105: Font tools, design thoughts, parallel deployment, and my Florida road trip

Hello all from sunny Florida 🙂 Recently discovered jquery validation plugin only 6 years too late, and have found some tools that work in conjunction with it, including Pajama, a PHP library. Also have some links to font combination articles and tools, and have recently been using "parallel deployment" in Tomcat 7.

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Episode 104: A few infrastructure services and version control

I’ve found a couple of neat infrastructure services recently and hope you find them interesting and useful. Also… what’s the deal with solo developers not using version control?

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