Episode 16: OO/PHP discussion and Yahoo UI widgets

In this episode, I take some questions from the audience about PHP, OO concepts and PHP5 hosting. Also, I discuss the release of the Yahoo UI widgets and the recent purchase of Sleepycat by Oracle.

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Episode 15: SQL Cookbook review, Aardvark, MySQL tuning, CSS question

We have the first book giveaway and cover the Aardvark Firefox extension. I also explain some MySQL performance problems I’ve had recently, talk about some MySQL tools which helped me get over those problems, and ask for some help on a CSS layout question.

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Episode 14: FACE, View Source in Firefox, Yahoo Maps, OReilly book giveaway

Faruk Ates introduces the FACE project, I cover the “view rendered source” firefox extension, and we have an OReilly sponsored book giveaway.

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Episode 13: Phatjax, new weblog, and reducing HTML with javascript

In this episode we hear from Brian Grayless, developer of phatJax, introducing his new AJAX toolkit. I introduce two ways of using free tools to run desktop Linux from inside Windows, and give some code examples of using Javascript to reduce large HTML forms by dynamically creating pulldowns. I also introduce my new weblog at fosterburgess.com.

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Episode 12: Perl, Ruby and MonkeyGrease

This episode serves as a bit of a catchup to fill you in on some topics that have cropped up recently, both in my web work and perhaps just a little bit outside of that realm. Perl CPAN modules, witnessing a Ruby on Rails development effort, MonkeyGrease is ‘the server side greasemonkey’. Also, there are some web appl jobs listed in the forums.

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Episode 11: Zend collaboration, High Performance MySQL and more

In this episode I cover the Zend collaboration announcement, the Oreilly High Performance MySQL book, the Regex Coach tool, InsecureMag.com, and more.

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Episode 10: Flock, MySQL and Ning

In this podcast I return from an extended absence, explain myself, and introduce the Flock browser and Ning development area. MySQL 5 was just released this week, and I invite listeners to contribute their MySQL migration plans.

  • Flock :: Flock is a new experimental browser built on Firefox.
  • MySQL 5 :: MySQL 5 was released to production this week.
  • Ning :: Ning is a development area for building social web apps.
  • Raleigh, NC :: My new hometown.

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Hacked! and a new browser-based testing tool

In this episode I describe how a server of mine was hacked and some of what was involved in getting things back in order. I also cover the selenium web testing tool. This episode is shorter than previous ones owing to some extraneous life issues. 🙂

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Episode 8: Marketing interview and bugcasting

This episode features an interview with Caryl Felicetta from Single Throw, an internet marketing firm. Quick mention of upcoming Open Source Business Conference, and I also discuss my idea for ‘bugcasting’.

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Episode 7: Next generation web apps and session logging

In this episode, I discuss the up and coming writely.com document collaboration system, and ask some questions about where the ‘web 2.0’ talk is taking us. Additionally, I detail my use of session logging for debugging web applications.

My Odeo Channel (odeo/071b3ac75dd75265)

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