Episode 109: Typescript and a bit more…

Heading off to Russia for a bit – if there’s anything you think I should see when I’m there, let me know ūüôā

Saw a good presentation on TypeScript recently, which has piqued my interest – hopefully it piques yours as well. ¬† This blog post from techempower shows the results on testing more than two dozen web framework/configurations – where’s your favorite? ¬†Finally, intro.js gives you a quick way to add guided tours to your websites – clean and simple.

Also, Jetbrains has an ‘earth day’ sale this week – get up to 50% off an editor of your choice. ¬†And Zend Studio 10¬†was recently released and is also 50% off its normal price.


Episode 108: New Ruby, Regex and my Framework Security Rant(tm)

Ruby 2 was just released, and the new ‘refinements’ feature presents some interesting challenges for JRuby and just about anyone wanting to read Ruby code. ¬†Brief chat about the regex security affecting Rails back in January, but more broadly speaking, what does this say about regex in general? ¬†Should we embrace it, or find better alternatives? ¬†Finally, I’ve got a new blog post up about web framework security – why do (almost) no web frameworks ship with security baked-in?



Ruby stuff:



Malloc stuff:




Episode 77: Matt and Sean from MuraCMS

I got to chat with Matt Levine and Sean Schroeder from MuraCMS about, well, all sorts of stuff – a bit of CF historical stuff, the state of open source in the CF community, oh, and a bit of MuraCMS, the open source CMS built on ColdFusion.

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Episode 73: Podcast Child… Slight Return

Mostly a quick catch up letting you know what I’ve been up to, some new technologies I’ve found that might be of interest to you (Twilio and Titanium), where I’ll be in the upcoming months, and an open invitation for your feedback.

Also, a quick update on GroovyMag and JSMag – use coupon code "oneyearold" at http://jsmag.com to select a free issue.

Email michael@webdevradio.com with your feedback, comments and questions.

  • CodeStock :: CodeStock conference
  • Twilio :: Twilio phone application service
  • Titanium :: Cross-platform native app development
  • JSMag :: Use coupon code “oneyearold” to select a free PDF issue

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Episode 70: Brian Hitney of Microsoft

I got a chance to talk about web development stuff with Brian Hitney, Developer Evangelist with Microsoft. We talked about WebsiteSpark, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, touched on cloud computing and I kept forgetting the name of a podcast (it was the Startup Success podcast from Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley!).

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Episode 62: Talking SEO and local web promotion with Ashley Berman Hale

I got a chance to spend some time with Ashley Berman Hale to discuss steps for local businesses to take when getting in to SEO and web promotion.

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Episode 52: Randal Schwartz on Seaside (among other things)

This episode is a conversation with Randal Schwartz about Seaside, a Smalltalk-based web application framework. His passion for Seaside and some of the unique features it brings to web development comes through loud and clear here. I hope you enjoy our discussion.

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