Episode 87: Chronon for Java

This episode is a conversation with Prashant Deva about the new Chronon flight data recorder for Java applications and debugging. we dig in to the history of the project, some implementation details, future plans, and some of the issues around dynamic languages on the JVM.

  • Chronon :: Flight Data Recorder for Java

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Episode 76: Lithium Framework for PHP

I had a great chinwag with Nate Abele and Garrett Woodworth of the Lithium project – a new framework for PHP 5.3. Try as I might to inject Groovy and Grails in to the conversation, we kept coming back to PHP 🙂 Curious about Lithium? Take a listen to see if their philosophy is for you.

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Episode 67: MySQL with Keith Murphy

I did another catch-up show, this time with Keith Murphy (last chatted with in August 2007). Keith talks a bit about his new book, the MySQL Administrator’s Bible, his new Open Source Database Magazine (coming out soon) and some of the new developments in the MySQL camp.

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Episode 64: CouchDB with Jan Lenhardt and Chris Anderson

I caught up with Jan and Chris at the JSConf in DC last weekend. We went over a bit of the couchdb background, what it’s good for, what they’re up with with couch.io, and some more goodies. Enjoy!

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Episode 63: Talking YUI3 with Satyen Desai from Yahoo!

I had a chance to sit down for a few minutes with Satyen Desai from Yahoo to talk about YUI3. There’s numerous architectural changes coming, and Satyen had presented a few of the major ones in his presentation at JSConf 2009.

  • YUI Blog :: The place to keep up with all the latest YUI developer
  • YUI3 at GitHub :: GitHub repo for YUI3 development – fork away!

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Episode 37: Interview with Jason Rudolph

I got to speak with author and speaker Jason Rudolph about the Grails project, the Ruby Streamlined project, and the No Fluff Just Stuff touring conference. (monday morning v2 – fixed an earlier editing flub from Saturday!)

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