Episode 52: Randal Schwartz on Seaside (among other things)

This episode is a conversation with Randal Schwartz about Seaside, a Smalltalk-based web application framework. His passion for Seaside and some of the unique features it brings to web development comes through loud and clear here. I hope you enjoy our discussion.

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Episode 41: new HTML, perl on rails, new forums and more

Listener feedback, BBC's Perl On Rails, Douglas Crockford's HTML suggestions, question about collaboration tools.

  • Collanos :: P2P teamwork system
  • GForge :: Sourceforge-based development hub
  • Crockford on HTML :: Douglas Crockford's call for HTML changes
  • 125 tools :: List from Paul Spoerry's blog on dozens of great tools
  • Perl on Rails :: Announcement from BBC team about new Perl framework
  • Twit TV :: FLOSS episode with Randall Schwartz interviewing Avi Bryant of the Seaside web framework project

File Download (20:52 min / 20 MB)