Episode 112 – Facebook CSRF, KnockoutJS 3

I think I’m missing something about apigility.org – help me figure it out.  Facebook’s team fixes CSRF exploit in 2 hours.  Is Rails’ CookieStore broken by default, or working just fine?  KnockoutJS 3 was released – upgrade/change notes are here for your reading pleasure.


Episode 111 – 8 years and counting

So… this is the 8 year anniversary of webdevradio – what’s changed in the last 8 years?  Lots!  What’s the same?  Lots!  I go in to a bit more detail than that… 🙂

Some recent news as well…

Rails 4 released

PHP 5.5 released

Modern.IE – downloadable IE VMs from MS

Tech Interview Is Dead

Beta access to appliedto.com


Episode 61: Catching up with Joe Fiorini

At the 2008 CodeMash I interviewed Joe Fiorini. Joe was a .Net developer doing ASP.Net work with some side interest in Ruby on Rails. A lot has happened to Joe (and the web world) over the last year, and I talk with Joe about some of those changes, including ASP.Net MVC, the upcoming Rails/Merb merge, and more.

File Download (46:21 min / 37 MB)


Episode 60: Interview with Rails Rumble winners

I had a chance to sit down with the winners of the Rails Rumble challenge while I was at CodeMash last week. This is a chat with Josh, Joe and John (Andy couldn’t be there due to some weather issues) about the ups and downs of the challenge, sleeping arrangements, monetization, Rails/Merb mering, and more. Enjoy!

File Download (31:33 min / 18 MB)