Episode 111 – 8 years and counting

So… this is the 8 year anniversary of webdevradio – what’s changed in the last 8 years?  Lots!  What’s the same?  Lots!  I go in to a bit more detail than that… 🙂

Some recent news as well…

Rails 4 released

PHP 5.5 released

Modern.IE – downloadable IE VMs from MS

Tech Interview Is Dead

Beta access to appliedto.com


Episode 53: Crawlable Flash, Concurrent Python, Smart Robots.txt and more

Mixed topics today

Adobe works with Google, Yahoo and others to make Flash apps crawlable.

Reddit.com open sources their codebase

"Smart" robots.txt files – do you use them?

Bruce Eckel article on concurrent Python with Twisted

Railo – open source ColdFusion

Cognifty – new PHP framework

Upcoming conferences – Ruby Hoedown, CodeStock, PHPWorks

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Episode 49: Brian Moon at the MySQL User Conference

Brian was kind enough to review both of his presentations which go in to great detail about the scaling issues he's faced both with DealNews.com and the Phorum forum software project (which recently turned 10 years old!)

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Episode 48: SilverStripe CMS at MySQL User Conference

Got a chance to talk to Sigurd Magnusson from the SilverStripe CMS project last week. Sigurd was kind enough to answer some questions about the project's history, current status as an open source project and some upcoming features. We touched a bit on code testing and some other stuff towards the end as well.

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Episode 45: Symfony Project at MySQL User Conference

I had a chance to catch up with the Symfony guys at the MySQL User Conference a few days ago. We get some background on the Symfony project, and a glimpse as to where things are going in the near future.
This was my first 'from the floor' recording – I think the levels are *OK*, but please bear with me – Fabien sounded better in person 🙂 I think I got a small 'exclusive/breaking news' at the time, but I wasn't able to get the podcast up until now.

  • Symfony :: Symfony Project home page

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Episode 44a – Upcoming interview

Quick notice that I'll be interviewing Patrick O'Keefe from managingonlineforums.com about his upcoming book. We've got a drawing going on for a copy of the book, and also for a copy of the 'Dreamweaver 8 – Missing Manual' book. Send a question to me for Patrick about online communities via comments@webdevradio.com to be entered in to the drawings. Get your entries in by next Friday morning (April 11, 2008). In this episode I misspoke and referenced Patrick's book as 'Managine Online Communities' – I apologize for the discrepancy.

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Episode 43: Open Source Flash/Flex overview, Yahoo's semantic play, MySQL conference

Lots of small stuff in here – my view on Yahoo's semantic web announcement, PHPUnit 3.3 TDD functionality, MySQL conference, MySQL dealing with 15 gig of new data per day, and my audiblab service

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Codemash – Bull session with ideacore and giftsforengineers

I had a chance to have a fun discussion with Dave Kroondyk, Adam Lumsden and Elizabeth Naramore about web development, ecommerce, project management, content management systems, shark dissection, PHP, Mozilla's Weave project, general MIchigan awesomeness and some other topics. I was a bit closer to the mike than I should have been, but worse things have happened. Enjoy the eternal optimism of youth distilled in to 45 minutes of listening pleasure.

  • GiftsForEngineers.com :: Gifts For Engineers – shouldn't need any more description!
  • IdeaCore.com :: Dave and Adam's generous and benevolent employer.
  • Mozilla Labs :: Home of Weave project
  • Joomla :: Joomla CMS
  • Hanselman.com :: Scott Hanselman gave a Codemash keynote and is awesome (he even told us so himself)
  • PHPWomen :: A place for women in the PHP community

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Codemash – overview and admission pass giveaway

This installment is a conversation with Jim Holmes from the Codemash conference about the conference, what to expect and who will be there.

Codemash has graciously given us a free pass to webdevradio listeners. Listen for the instructions in the interview, then send in your email by December 20. Winner will be drawn Dec 21 and notified before December 31. Transportation and lodging are winner's responsibility.

P. S. His sound is good, mine is not as good (apologies – lot of tech problem on my end).

  • Codemash :: Information about the upcoming Codemash conference in Sandusky, Ohio.

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