Episode 116 – Foundation 5, DotNetFiddle and more

Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible vs Salt post and discussion



Zurb Foundation 5 released discussion

Yii framework 2.0 alpha

DotNetFiddle – Fiddle with C# from your browser




Episode 70: Brian Hitney of Microsoft

I got a chance to talk about web development stuff with Brian Hitney, Developer Evangelist with Microsoft. We talked about WebsiteSpark, Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC, touched on cloud computing and I kept forgetting the name of a podcast (it was the Startup Success podcast from Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley!).

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Episode 61: Catching up with Joe Fiorini

At the 2008 CodeMash I interviewed Joe Fiorini. Joe was a .Net developer doing ASP.Net work with some side interest in Ruby on Rails. A lot has happened to Joe (and the web world) over the last year, and I talk with Joe about some of those changes, including ASP.Net MVC, the upcoming Rails/Merb merge, and more.

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Episode 46: MojoPortal at the MySQL User Conference

I met Joe Audette of the MojoPortal project out at the MySQL User Conference last week and took a few minutes to give us some background on the project and where it's going. If you're looking for a portal project built on ASP.NET (and it also runs on Mono!) check it out!

  • MojoPortal :: MojoPortal is a cross-platform web portal built on ASP.NET

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