Codemash – Bull session with ideacore and giftsforengineers

I had a chance to have a fun discussion with Dave Kroondyk, Adam Lumsden and Elizabeth Naramore about web development, ecommerce, project management, content management systems, shark dissection, PHP, Mozilla's Weave project, general MIchigan awesomeness and some other topics. I was a bit closer to the mike than I should have been, but worse things have happened. Enjoy the eternal optimism of youth distilled in to 45 minutes of listening pleasure.

  • :: Gifts For Engineers – shouldn't need any more description!
  • :: Dave and Adam's generous and benevolent employer.
  • Mozilla Labs :: Home of Weave project
  • Joomla :: Joomla CMS
  • :: Scott Hanselman gave a Codemash keynote and is awesome (he even told us so himself)
  • PHPWomen :: A place for women in the PHP community

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