episode 123 – fastclick, hhvm, node-io split

nodejs vs io.js – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/14/io_dot_js_version_1_0/

Fastclick: https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick

HHVM – http://hhvm.com/blog/8405/coming-soon-in-hhvm async mysql support

HHVM – XHP v2 https://github.com/facebook/xhp-lib





Episode 116 – Foundation 5, DotNetFiddle and more

Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible vs Salt post and discussion



Zurb Foundation 5 released discussion

Yii framework 2.0 alpha

DotNetFiddle – Fiddle with C# from your browser




Episode 113 – PHP.net compromised, Flexbox in your future?

The PHP.net website was compromised, but we don’t yet know what the exploit was.  No actual code or binaries were affected; the site was just serving up javascript malware.

Healtcare.gov is still a mess, but are there lessons we can learn about project management from it?  Will clients have any new regard for their own project failures in light of the healthcare.gov debacle?

Drawingboard.js will let you easily add a canvas-based drawing element to your sites (can you find the easter egg?)

Is flexbox CSS in your future?  Are you already using it?  Checkout some examples of flexbox in action designed to make your front-end life considerably easier.