episode 123 – fastclick, hhvm, node-io split

nodejs vs io.js – http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/01/14/io_dot_js_version_1_0/

Fastclick: https://github.com/ftlabs/fastclick

HHVM – http://hhvm.com/blog/8405/coming-soon-in-hhvm async mysql support

HHVM – XHP v2 https://github.com/facebook/xhp-lib





Episode 66: Robert Fischer on Groovy, Grails, GORM and more

I got a chance to chat with Robert Fischer, well known in the Groovy/Grails space for his work on Groovy plugins and recent GORM book. Robert and I chatted about dynamic languages on the JVM, his upcoming presentations on Agile and other NFJS talks, his GORM book and a new Polyglot Programming book he’s working on for Manning.

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Episode 58: Raleigh Code Camp reflections, Chrome wins speed tests, GroovyMag

I attended the Raleigh Code Camp last week and had a blast meeting some awesome people (but of course there’s never enough time to meet everyone you’d like to!). Some great sessions I attended covered the MS MVC platform and an introduction to MS DLR, both of which I discuss here in a bit more detail. Also, following up last podcast’s ramblings on Javascript speed tests, there’s a story today about how Chrome has beat out other browsers in a Javascript benchmark. Additionally, I chat about my new magazine project, GroovyMag.

  • 130 Web Tools :: Mashable article with 130+ web design tools
  • CodeMash :: Sign up for CodeMash conference today!
  • Chrome tops speed tests :: Slashdot story on Chrome's latest benchmarks, from ExtremeTech
  • GroovyMag :: My magazine for Groovy and Grails developers
  • WebDevJobs :: Jobs board focused on web development jobs. Free to post, but all posts are vetted and approved before publication.

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Episode 57: Quick catch up

Just a few musings on the state of Javascript, OpenID, and Yahoo’s recent ‘open strategy’ announcement. Also, a brief note: GroovyMag.com – a magazine focused on Groovy and Grails – will launch next week.

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Episode 50: Live and late – Flash opens up, CSS cleaner, MySQL conf recap

Just a quick recap of some news and tools I’ve found recently, including the Adobe Flash Open Screen Project announcement. Also, the new job board http://Jobs.WebDevRadio.com is announced.

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