Episode 116 – Foundation 5, DotNetFiddle and more

Puppet vs Chef vs Ansible vs Salt post and discussion



Zurb Foundation 5 released discussion

Yii framework 2.0 alpha

DotNetFiddle – Fiddle with C# from your browser




Codemash Open Spaces – Open Source on .NET

I had a fun time recording this 'open spaces' meeting at Codemash last week. This was led by Joe Brinkman from the DotNetNuke project, and joining us was Kevin Devine from the Euclid Public Library, Sara Ford from Codeplex @ Microsoft, Steven Harman from the Subtext project and Jay Wren from the Castle project (among other things, I'm sure). The sound was *decent*, although there was a shortage of mics. I also accidentally dropped Joe's volume on a few occasions, but overall it felt like a great chat, so here it is.

Topics include the pros and cons of getting Contributor License Agreements in place on an open source project, building community, a bit of good natured back and forth on Microsoft's role in all this, interesting comparisons to the Java community, and more.

BTW, this is just a sample of many of the informal chats that happen for 2 days @ codemash. If you like these types of discussions, join us next year!

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Codemash – overview and admission pass giveaway

This installment is a conversation with Jim Holmes from the Codemash conference about the conference, what to expect and who will be there.

Codemash has graciously given us a free pass to webdevradio listeners. Listen for the instructions in the interview, then send in your email by December 20. Winner will be drawn Dec 21 and notified before December 31. Transportation and lodging are winner's responsibility.

P. S. His sound is good, mine is not as good (apologies – lot of tech problem on my end).

  • Codemash :: Information about the upcoming Codemash conference in Sandusky, Ohio.

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