Episode 29: Codemash Conversation – Avery and Holmes

I get to sit down (virtually) with Jim Holmes and James Avery to discuss their book “Windows Developer Power Tools”. The book covers over 170 open source tools to help improve your Windows development experience, from simple time-saving utilities to larger apps and tools which may make you rethink how you approach development.

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Episode 28: Codemash Conversation – Joe Brinkman

I had the opportunity to talk at length about the DotNetNuke project with Joe Brinkman while attending the CodeMash conference in Ohio. This conversation runs about 45 minutes. If you’ve wondered what DNN was all about, have a listen as Joe talks about the project’s history, goals, future plans, and community process. P.S. The audio is a bit ‘airy’ – I did my best to clean it up.

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Episode 27: Interview with Christian Heilman

Noted javascript guru Christian Heilman joins us today for a conversation about his new book, “Beginning Javascript with DOM Scripting and AJAX”. Along the way we discuss the state of Javascript toolkits, including the Yahoo UI toolkit. Additionally, the upcoming codemash conference is mentioned.

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Episode 26: A quickie

Mention of Jack Slocum’s innovative wordpress interface, Adobe’s open sourcing of ActionScript, and a call for some help. Note – the audio quality isn’t great in this one, but it’s only 4 minutes, so please bear with me.

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Episode 25: Yahoo news and upcoming interviews

Some thoughts on Yahoo developer center offerings, Yahoo maps license changes, heads up on two upcoming interviews, and an outline of some javascript toolkits I’ll be exploring more in the coming weeks.

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Episode 24: 'On the go' podcast

I recorded this latest podcast out on a walk in the wilds of North Carolina near my home. Topics include a recap of the PHP Appalachia un-conference, Yahoo’s BBAuth system, Aptana and a homegrown heatmap system for tracking your user’s clicks.

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Episode 23: Visual Studio .Net interview

In this podcast, I interview Jeff Levinson and David Nelson about their latest book – “Pro Visual Studio 2005 Team System”. I also talk about “Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering” by Robert Glass. Also, new intro music from “Friend Side Monkey”

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Episode 22: Microsoft Atlas interview

In this episode I give you a quick overview of what I’ve been up to, some upcoming plans, and then dive in to an interview with Laurence Moroney. His latest book, “Foundations of Atlas”, is a great book for .NET developers looking to jumpstart their AJAX efforts. Laurence’s long experience with AJAX, his access to some of the Atlas team during its development, and his passion for web software combine to make this a great book for beginners and advanced developers alike.

Unbeknowst to me, this is the one year anniversary of this podcast. Didn’t mention that in the intro, but it came nonetheless!

NOTE – the ‘flash player’ version of this is sped up. My apologies for this – please download via a podcatcher or directly and listen from your local system. Still investigating why this happened.

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