Episode 40: Listener questions

Hello! We’ve got a winner from our last contest for the Frank Zammetti book, and I put some questions I’ve received out to you, the listening community. We’re looking for some feedback on what webdev technologies you’d point people to who are just looking to get in to the field, and also looking for suggestions for good PHP OO learning resources.

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Episode 39: Interview with Frank Zammetti

Frank is a developer in Pennsylvania who has written a couple books on AJAX and the various toolkits available, as well as contributed to and started some open source projects. Listen closely, and email in to win a copy of Frank’s latest book!

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Episode 38: Silverlight, codemash, codetolive and more

There’s been a whole lot of interesting things happening in the webdev world the past couple months, and this is a quick catch up on just a few of the highlights. Podcast covers MS Silverlight project, codemash conference, codetolive webcast, simunication prototyping tool, yui compressor, zotero research tool and the hibernate/lucene search project.

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Episode 36: MySQL DBA Keith Murphy

I interview Keith Murphy about his daily work as a MySQL DBA, including the challenges of clustering, RAID configurations, and more. We also talk about his new MySQL magazine effort and what readers can expect from that publication.

  • iContact :: Keith's employer, iContact, provides email marketing and blogging software.
  • MySQL Magazine :: Keith's MySQL magazine
  • Diamond Notes :: Keith's blog – postings from a regular DBA

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Episode 35: James Ward and Andy Oliver

The majority of this episode is a webdev discussion with James Ward (Adobe) and Andy Oliver (buni.org). There’s a short recap here about my travails with ValueWeb’s horrible migration disaster, a partial OSCON wrapup, mention of the Windmill testing project, and a promise of 4-5 more presentation recordings from OSCON.

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Episode 34: OSCON, OurSQL and other stuff

This is a repost of a missing episode due to valueweb’s extremely poor server migration (read: meltdown). I can’t recall the specifics of this episode, but I did mention my (then) upcoming OSCON presentation on SOLR and the OurSQL podcast.

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Episode 33: Odds and ends

I’ve got some info on an upcoming southeast Ruby conference, looking for MySQL DBAs, a book on web site security, new open source application from MIT and more…

  • Timeline :: “Google Maps for time-based information”
  • Ruby Hoedown :: Destined to become the premier Ruby conference for the SouthEast
  • How to Break Web Software :: Great book with step-by-step instructions for breaking web software
  • Groovy :: An agile dynamic language for the Java Platform
  • GanntProject :: A free Java application for creating Gannt charts

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Episode 31: Upcoming interview

I’m interviewing Erik Hatcher from the SOLR project – get your questions to me in the next few days! Also, have a look at regexbuddy.com if you deal with regular expressions.

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Episode 30: This and that

Just a quick catch up on some news items from the past few weeks – Adobe’s Flex push, Yahoo’s YUI hosting, Firebug 1.0 released, an upcoming PHP job book and a few other tidbits.

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