Episode 121: Hitting the Titanium conference, and some new tools to try

https://placeit.net – Place your website in stock photos with ease

http://www.orm-designer.com – Create a visual model and generate code for popular ORM tools (Doctrine, Hibernate, Propel).

http://ormcheatsheet.com – Quick overview of various ORM configs for popular PHP frameworks.

http://ticonf.org/#nyc_location – Heading to the Titanium conference May 9-11



Codemash – overview and admission pass giveaway

This installment is a conversation with Jim Holmes from the Codemash conference about the conference, what to expect and who will be there.

Codemash has graciously given us a free pass to webdevradio listeners. Listen for the instructions in the interview, then send in your email by December 20. Winner will be drawn Dec 21 and notified before December 31. Transportation and lodging are winner's responsibility.

P. S. His sound is good, mine is not as good (apologies – lot of tech problem on my end).

  • Codemash :: Information about the upcoming Codemash conference in Sandusky, Ohio.

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