Episode 74: IE9, visitor recording, conferences and more

IE9 developer preview is out – are you testing with it yet?

I recently found UserFly.com as a great tool to track and record your visitors’ sessions, then found an older set of example code called MoveLogger if you’re inclined to try to build the same thing from scratch.

ClickHeat is a tool I’ve used to track where people are clicking on sites, giving you a pretty good idea of how visitors are engaging with your site.

Some interesting conferences coming up over next few months – JSConf in DC, TXJS in Austin and NCDevCon in Raleigh. Know of any more?

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Episode 73: Podcast Child… Slight Return

Mostly a quick catch up letting you know what I’ve been up to, some new technologies I’ve found that might be of interest to you (Twilio and Titanium), where I’ll be in the upcoming months, and an open invitation for your feedback.

Also, a quick update on GroovyMag and JSMag – use coupon code "oneyearold" at http://jsmag.com to select a free issue.

Email michael@webdevradio.com with your feedback, comments and questions.

  • CodeStock :: CodeStock conference
  • Twilio :: Twilio phone application service
  • Titanium :: Cross-platform native app development
  • JSMag :: Use coupon code “oneyearold” to select a free PDF issue

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