Episode 48: SilverStripe CMS at MySQL User Conference

Got a chance to talk to Sigurd Magnusson from the SilverStripe CMS project last week. Sigurd was kind enough to answer some questions about the project's history, current status as an open source project and some upcoming features. We touched a bit on code testing and some other stuff towards the end as well.

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Episode 47: SnapLogic at the MySQL User Conference

I got a chance to get a quick demo of SnapLogic, and open source application to make mashing up your internal data easier. Think of it like an open source Yahoo! Pipes. It's more than that, but that's a quick idea of what it can do.

From their site: "SnapLogic makes it easy to access, transform and integrate all kinds of data wherever it may be: databases, hosted applications, Web pages, SOA Web services, flat files, RSS feeds, XML documents and more."

The guys gave me some background on the project, what it's capable of, and where it's heading.

  • SnapLogic :: SnapLogic – Really Simple Integration

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Episode 46: MojoPortal at the MySQL User Conference

I met Joe Audette of the MojoPortal project out at the MySQL User Conference last week and took a few minutes to give us some background on the project and where it's going. If you're looking for a portal project built on ASP.NET (and it also runs on Mono!) check it out!

  • MojoPortal :: MojoPortal is a cross-platform web portal built on ASP.NET

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Episode 45: Symfony Project at MySQL User Conference

I had a chance to catch up with the Symfony guys at the MySQL User Conference a few days ago. We get some background on the Symfony project, and a glimpse as to where things are going in the near future.
This was my first 'from the floor' recording – I think the levels are *OK*, but please bear with me – Fabien sounded better in person 🙂 I think I got a small 'exclusive/breaking news' at the time, but I wasn't able to get the podcast up until now.

  • Symfony :: Symfony Project home page

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Episode 44a – Upcoming interview

Quick notice that I'll be interviewing Patrick O'Keefe from managingonlineforums.com about his upcoming book. We've got a drawing going on for a copy of the book, and also for a copy of the 'Dreamweaver 8 – Missing Manual' book. Send a question to me for Patrick about online communities via comments@webdevradio.com to be entered in to the drawings. Get your entries in by next Friday morning (April 11, 2008). In this episode I misspoke and referenced Patrick's book as 'Managine Online Communities' – I apologize for the discrepancy.

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