Episode 22: Microsoft Atlas interview

In this episode I give you a quick overview of what I’ve been up to, some upcoming plans, and then dive in to an interview with Laurence Moroney. His latest book, “Foundations of Atlas”, is a great book for .NET developers looking to jumpstart their AJAX efforts. Laurence’s long experience with AJAX, his access to some of the Atlas team during its development, and his passion for web software combine to make this a great book for beginners and advanced developers alike.

Unbeknowst to me, this is the one year anniversary of this podcast. Didn’t mention that in the intro, but it came nonetheless!

NOTE – the ‘flash player’ version of this is sped up. My apologies for this – please download via a podcatcher or directly and listen from your local system. Still investigating why this happened.

File Download (34:08 min / 23.4 MB)

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