Episode 10: Flock, MySQL and Ning

In this podcast I return from an extended absence, explain myself, and introduce the Flock browser and Ning development area. MySQL 5 was just released this week, and I invite listeners to contribute their MySQL migration plans.

  • Flock :: Flock is a new experimental browser built on Firefox.
  • MySQL 5 :: MySQL 5 was released to production this week.
  • Ning :: Ning is a development area for building social web apps.
  • Raleigh, NC :: My new hometown.

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Hacked! and a new browser-based testing tool

In this episode I describe how a server of mine was hacked and some of what was involved in getting things back in order. I also cover the selenium web testing tool. This episode is shorter than previous ones owing to some extraneous life issues. 🙂

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